Green InitiativesOur Green Initiatives

Here at NewAge Industries AdvantaPure we believe that being environmentally responsible is an important part of who we are. It's the right thing to do for our environment, community and country. In recent years we've taken significant steps to improve our efficiencies with the energy we use and how we deal with the waste we produce.

We Are Solar Powered

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PennFuture Award


Building Improvements

  • dock screen doorsConverted all warehouse and manufacturing lighting to T8 fluorescent, which uses 1/3 the energy of our old lighting — the new lighting is brighter, too, making it easier for team members to read equipment and product labels
  • Installed a new roof to prepare for our solar panel system
  • Added 2 inches of solid insulation
  • The new roof surface was painted white to reflect light and heat
  • Replaced all windows in the building with new energy efficient, tinted windows with two thermal barriers
  • Installed screens on all warehouse dock doors to allow ventilation without debris and insects entering the building — exhaust fans on the roof run less often, saving energy
  • Installed a bank of capacitors and a new high voltage transformer to use electricity more efficiently
  • Installed highly efficient electric motors throughout our manufacturing areas and in the building's air conditioning units

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • recycle dumpstersInitiated company wide recycling of cardboard, plastic, glass and paper to reduce the amount of trash bound for landfills
  • Installed an industrial trash compactor to further reduce the volume of our non-recyclable trash
  • Eliminated two tons of computer, CRTs and computer printer waste from the eco system by paying to have our computer waste recycled
  • Provided aluminum water bottles to every team member to cut down on the use of plastic water bottles — everyone is encouraged to fill up with spring water from the company water coolers


Solar Project Info

  • rooftop solar arrayGenerates one megawatt of power
    • NewAge uses two megawatts of electricity per year
  • There are 4,082 solar panels on the roof
  • Total cost of the system: $4.2 million
    • Received $1 million grant from state of PA
    • Received $1.2 million grant from the federal government
    • Total cost to NewAge was $2 million
  • All major components (panels, inverters, racking system) were made in the U.S.
    • NewAge paid $150,000 additional in order to buy U.S.-made solar panels vs. Chinese-made panels
  • The array took about five months to build and was powered up May 2011
  • Designer and General Contractor: Borrego Solar Systems

Why Did We Do This Solar Project?

  • solar panelsIt fits with our goal to be a "green" company
  • Solar power is good for our environment, community and country
  • We want to set an example for other companies to migrate to a green strategy
  • It will help lower our electricity expenses

Side Notes

  • Our array is the sixth largest in Pennsylvania
  • It is the largest roof mounted system in Bucks County, PA
  • Because NewAge Industries is an ESOP (49% employee owned) company, the team members collectively own 49% of the solar array




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